Publications (books, book chapters, anthologies, and periodicals)

    Science, Power, and Gender. 2020 (link)
Editorial in issue no.10 of Freedom of Thought

    Honor killings. 2020 (link) (order)

    Prison memories. 2020 (link) (order)

    "How difficult it is to found a women's museum: An experience from IRAN." 
In Feminist Pedagogy: Museum, Memory Sites, Practices of Remembrance. Meral Akkent, S. Nehir Kovar (EDs.) Estos Publishing House, Istanbul 2019, 304p. English and Turkish. 
ISBN 978-605-4640-72-0 (link)

    The Iranian Women's Movement Museum. 
in Feminism and Museums: Intervention, Disruption, and Change. Edited by Jenna C Ashton. Museums etc. Edinburg & Boston, 2018. 
ISBN 978-1-910144-99

in PEN-Antholgie Zuflucht in Deutschland: Text verfolgter Autoren. 
S.Fischer Verlag, Franziska Sperr, Germany PEN: 2017. 
ISBN 978-596-29800

    Women's Voices: The Journey towards Cyberfeminism in Iran.
Iran Academia Publications, ISS (Institute of Social Study), 2016. 
ISBN 978-168418212-1

    Women's voices: The journey towards cyberfeminism in Iran. 
ISS Working paper series/General Series. International Institute of Social Studies of Erasmus University, 2016
ISSN 0921-0210 (link)

    "Hopes and Struggles for Transformation." 
in The Palgrave Handbook of Gender and Development
Edited by Wendy Harcourt 2016 
ISBN 978-1-137-38272-6

    Shahrzade's Sisters: Women in Iran. Mansoureh Shojaee. 
Published by Frauen in der Einen Welt 2012 
136p. ill. (3 languages: Persian, German, English). 136p. ISBN 978-3-935225-08-3

    Liebe ohne Reisepass
in Fremde Heimat: Texte aus dem Exil 
Matthes & Seitz Berlin.2013 392 p. ISBN 978-3-88221-096-5.

    Im Gefangnis. 
in Kassiber, Deutsche Schillergesellschaft 2012 
ISBN 978-3-937384-83-2

    Im Gefängnis 
in Geschrieben Gegen Alle Verbote, Writer in Prison, Writer in Exile PEN-Zentrum Deutschland, 2012

    Comme un roman. Daniel Pennac. 
Translated by Mansoureh Shojaee and Bita Khalili. Published by Nashr-e Sales. Tehran, 2010. 157p. ISBN 978-964-380-629-3

Translated by Mansoureh Shojaee
in Environmental Ethics: Readings in Theory and Application. Louis P. Pojman. Editor: Mehdi Davoodi. Published by Nashr-e Toseh. Tehran, 2003. 2V. 

    Environment and Economy 
Translated by Shahrokh Vazirdaftari. Edited by Mansoureh Shojaee. Published by Iranian Environmental Organization, Tehran, 2002

    Bibliography of Theatre. Published in "Faslnameh Theatre." 1990.

    Bibliography of Mathematics. Preparing by Mansoureh Shojaee, Mahnaz Rahbari. Published by Iranian National Library. Tehran, 1986.

Reviews - articles and books

    Meilensteine auf dem Weg zur Gleichstellung, (link)

    But; a new angle to thought, in the memorial of Maryam Mirzakhani, an Iranian woman scientist, translation from English to Persian (link)

    Leading Iranian Activist and Feminist: How I Became a Women's Rights Activist (link)

    A book review about women in solitary confinement in Evin prison: The White Torture. (link)

    The day that resentment came to Iran (link)

    Eighty years of an Iranian woman: in honor of Noushafarin Ansari (link)

    One systematic violence order by one female governor in Iran (link)

    The voice of justice is loud. What a fear that the Internet is off in Iran (link)

    The 40 years of 140 years of the history Iranian women movement (link)

    From post-revolutionary women's circles to the civil movement protesting election fraud in 2009 (link)

    From the unveiling by Tahereh Qara Al-Ain to the anti-forced hijab demonstrations (link)

    Continuing the path of Parvaneh Forouhar, an intellectual woman killed by the serial of murders on 1998 (link)

Speeches, presentations, and Exhibitions

    Stanford Iranian Study: Women's movement in Iran (Persian/English) - 2020 (link)

    Update Iran (link)

    Iranian women movement museum exhibition (From Evin with love) (link)

    Imprisoned motherhood and nostalgia (link)

Interviews, panel discussions, book readings

    TV panel: Don't execute (link)

    Book Reading: Prison memories (link)

    About Nasrin Sotoudeh and the other political imprisoned people in Iran: the voice of women (Persian/English) (link)

    For Nasrin Sotoudeh - Subcommittee on Human Rights - European Parliament (link)

    The breaking news about Nasrin Sotoudeh, France 24 (link)

    On the anniversary of last year's protests in Iran: The role of women in the protest (link)

    Nasein sotoudeh's daughter has been summoned. BBC Persian (link)

    The honor killing of women will continue until secular laws prevail (link)

    Tomorrow is another day of civil protests (link)

    The women's movement can be the engine of a social transformation (link)

    Women's achievements through the Constitutional Revolution were lost after the Islamic Revolution - Keyhan London Online (link)

    The panel of From Evin with love (link)

Events and activities report

    The honorary meeting with President of Germany, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Nasrin Sotoudeh judge Association Award, in Berlin Nasrin Sotoudeh received the award (link)

    Nasrin Sotoudeh Award Ceremony of the German Judges Association (link

    Nasrin Sotoudeh Award Ceremony of the German Judges Association (link)

Podcasts and Videocast 

    My Personal Experience of Violence Against Women: A memory of Mandatory Hijab (link)

    Corona and our life (link)

    Je ne regrette rien: 12 Episodes about Corona and Women in Iran (link)

    Commemorating for Toran Mirhadi (link)



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Women press ahead with change in Iran

Forty years ago, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini founded the Islamic Republic of Iran. There is little excitement left from those times; even pro-reform forces are exhausted, except for the women among them.

"From Evin with love": Ausstellung in Nürnberg

NÜRNBERG - Handgefertigte Puppen, Taschen, Etuis, Schriftstücke und vieles mehr können die Besucher der Ausstellung "From Evin with love" besichtigen. Angefertigt wurden die Gegenstände von politisch inhaftierten Frauen im berüchtigten Evin-Gefängnis in Teheran.

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